The Fleet

By using a combination of “off-the-shelf” drone models alongside custom-built vehicles, Aerial Ventures aims to provide quick on-station services and reliability over a wide range of mission specifications.

In the Air

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
With a flight time of up to 24 minutes, the Enterprise Dual can remain airborn longer so that you can capture events in 4K video or aid in search-n-rescue with its thermal imaging system and loudspeaker / spotlight modules.

DJI Spark
Small, portable, and tough, the Spark serves as a general purpose workhorse for anything from quick 3D mapping of buildings, to small-scale agricultural surveying, to getting quick overviews of ground locations from a safe distance.

Lynxmotion V-Tail 500 (2021)
This flexible kit-drone offers exceptional manoeuvrability and mission customization with it’s Raspberry Pi/Arduino flight system, 4G capable extended range, and payload options up to 1kg. With a skilled pilot it is ideal for complex routes at high speed.

Parrot AR 2.0
Sure it is ‘old-school’, but this reliable Linux-powered drone can be fitted with a tethered power cable enabling it to remain on-station for several hours up to 100 meters AGL. Perfect for long term monitoring operations.

On Land (Fall 2021)

Avatar Tracked Rover (coming soon)
Close-up surveying for archaeology or reaching hard-to-get-to areas, the Avatar uses its Raspberry Pi/Arduino customization with steerable camera to roam freely over most terrain to achieve its mission objectives.

Under Water

Gladius Chasing Dory
With its max depth of 10 meters, the Dory is a great little micro ROV for boat hull and dock inspections. Enjoy 4K UHD video and 12MP photos, lit by two 1200 Lumen LEDs.

Powervision Power Ray
Want to survey deeper? The Power Ray’s 30 meter depth let’s you get down to those sunken ships close to shore, or get you on point for underwater cable surveys or bridge foundation inspections.